Tapered Roller Bearing Cups FAQS

QWhat is Type DTVL-Two Direction Angular Contact Thrust Ball Bearing?

AType DTVL thrust ball bearings have an upper and lower complement of angular contact balls and three race elements. Timken designed this type with the capability to carry a thrust load in one direction, comparable to the TVL type, and a lighter thrust load in the opposite direction. Size range: 508 mm to 1374.775 mm (20 in. to 54.125 in.) Applications: Oil and gas rotary tables

QWhat is Metric Single Row?

AKnown for having the widest range of inch single row tapered roller bearings, Timken also offers a wide range of popular metric single row tapered roller bearings in accordance with ISO 355:2007. Please see the Timken Metric Tapered Roller Bearings catalog below for product tables and part-numbering system information. Design Attributes Standard design bearings reflected in the catalog deliver long service life for a wide range of industrial and mobile applications. Premium design bearings are available on many part numbers upon request to meet higher performance requirements for the most challenging applications. Certain sizes are available with a flanged outer ring, facilitating accurate alignment of housing bores. Two single-row metric matched bearing assemblies are also available for applications requiring higher load carrying capacity or where the shaft must be located axially in both directions with a specific axial clearance or preload. See Metric Double Row. Applications Gear boxes, pumps and conveyors used in power gen, mining, oil and gas, wind energy, pulp and paper, food and beverage, gear drives, cement and metals applications. Drive trains, gear drives, axle centers, wheel ends and transmissions used in construction, mining, rail, automotive and commercial vehicles.

QWhat is TDI (Two-Row Double Inner Race)?

ATDI bearings have a one-piece double inner race and two single outer races and are typically supplied complete with an outer race spacer as a pre-set assembly. The bearing can be used at fixed positions on rotation shaft applications. For rotating housing application it can be used to float on the stationary shaft. TDI bearings are sometimes used on rotating shaft applications where a loose fit is required for ease of removal. Size range: ID 25.400 mm to 1200.150 mm (1.000 in. to 47.2500 in.) OD 30.480 mm to 2460.000 mm (1.2000 in. to 96.8504 in.) Design Attributes: Double cone and two single cups, with or without a cup spacer. Furnished as a matched assembly. Cups ground to fit. Applications: Gear reduction units Cranes Calendar rolls Industrial machinery

QWhat is TDO (Two-Row Double-Outer Race)?

AThe configuration of the TDO provides a wide effective bearing spread, making it ideal for applications in which overturning moments are a significant load component. TDO bearings can be used in fixed positions or allowed to float in the housing bore. Size range: ID 25.400 mm to 1200.150 mm (1.0000 in. to 47.2500 in.) OD 30.480 mm to 2460.000 mm (1.2000 in. to 96.8504 in.) Design Attributes: Double cup and two single cones, with or without a spacer. When spacers are used, bearing is furnished as a preset, matched assembly. Cup features groove and lubrication holes in the OD. Spacers available with or without lubricant grooves and holes. Applications: Heavy-duty gear drives Various industrial configurations